Magus Hotel

July 27, 2016


istoric1-magus-proiect-2009 istoric2-magus-hotel-2016


Magus Hotel Project started from the idea of building a stylish dance club, far away from the noise and the concrete walls of the city of Baia Mare, the club being situated at the entrance of the city, next to the highway. The idea has started to evolve to a larger area of hospitality. As a result, a restaurant à la carte appeared, and while we had the foundation and the roof of the restaurant, the lamented architect, Danku Csaba, the designer of the complex, convinced us to build a small hotel, which could be able to host guests travelling by coach (54 seats). Thus, 27 rooms were built, the current Magus hotel, which makes us proud at the moment, as it has brought a plus of colour and architecture to our city. The idea behind the interior design was to offer a combination of the retro style by using modern technology.
The construction began in 2010, and the building slowly rose from the ground. Each indoor and outdoor detail was thoroughly elaborated and chosen to offer the best quality to our future guests.
Our idea materialized in 2016, when Magus hotel opened its heart and soul to the industry of hospitality, with comfortable rooms, elegant interior decoration and last but not least, a friendly and well – prepared team.
Our vision is to offer memorable experiences to the guests who will honor us with their visits, and the commitment that we will constantly give the best visit experiences, so that our guests will come back to Magus Hotel.
We are grateful that you have read the story of Magus Hotel, which throughout the years, we hope that will develop, thanks to you, our guests!

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