Pet Policy

April 24, 2017

Pet Policy

Dear guest,

The access of pets will be permitted only on the base of the veterinary health certificate, presented at the hotel’s reception. No dogs are allowed without valid rabies vaccination and carrier cage. The pets must be left in the carrier cage, when you are leaving the room. If the guest arrives without carrier cage, we can rent cages at a rate of 100 Lei / night / dog, price which is not dependent of the size of the dog. If you would like to check in with a pet, it is compulsory for you to prior announce it in the moment of the booking otherwise, we cannot guarantee the booking with your pet, taking into account the fact that we cannot accept pets in every hotel room. Only in the case in which, under certain circumstances, you did not inform us in writing that you are booking with a pet, and we do not have adequate rooms for booking with pets, we can assure you the booking of the pet at Gini House dog pension near Baia Mare city possessed by SC Magus SRL at the same rate with the one registered on this page. In this case, the check-in interval at Gini House should be until 19:00 o clock.

The maximum number of pets allowed per room is 2 (if they are medium size or large size dogs) and 3 (if they are small sized, like Shih Tzu, Bichon etc). In case of a number larger then the allowed pets / room, please contact us for further details.

Payment and deposit policy

  • The price of 1 pet/1 night is 50 Lei.

When checking-in with a pet, payment must be made in advance with a credit card. A fee of 100 euro(or 450 Lei ) will be blocked or taken in cash as a guaranty for possible damages caused by the pet in the room. In case of damage the ammount will not be returned. In case of no damage the ammount will be returned at check-out. In case of damages caused, the room supervisor or hotel manager will evaluate the damages and establish the repair costs. In case of damages with repair costs higher than the 100 euro deposit, the guest will have pay the plus difference before checking out (ex. Dog has chewed the desk which needs to be replaced, etc)

Check-in and check-out policy

When checking in with a pet, the front office attendant will show you the room and evaluate it’s condition, write it on the evaluation paper, signed by the guest willing to check-in . The condition of accepting the pet in the room is the tourist’s approval of checking the room before leaving by the hotel’s personnel and in the case of some damages he is obliged to pay for all the caused damages when checking-out. The damages will be evaluated at the check-out by the front office attendant and one of the guests who stayed in the room, by confronting the room’s actual condition with the initial evaluation made at check-in.

The above terms and conditions are not liable to any changes, modifications or negotiations. If these terms are not fulfilled at check-in, or the guest does not agree any of these conditions, the hotel reserves it’s right to refuse / cancel the reservation, even if it is payed, or booked on online booking platform.

We would like to preserve our hotel’s beauty, thank you for understanding our rigurous policy!

Pet Policy  (Download PDF)

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