Terms and conditions

of Magus Hotel

August 3, 2016

Terms and conditions

SC Magus SRL, owner of Magus Hotel, headquartered in Baia Mare, 1/32 Aleea Noua street, registered at the Commercial Register under the number J24/1018/92, CUI RO 2193609, as the owner of the website www.magushotel.ro reserves its right to change and update the content of it at any time, as well as the Terms and Conditions of Use, without previously notifying.

1. The acceptance

The access / the visiting of this website by a user means that he subdues the Terms and Conditions of Use, and implies his explicit acceptance concerning them.

2. Site’s content

The permission of using the Site is given by the possessor only in accordance with the following conditions:
a)The Site is used only for personal and noncommercial purposes;
b)The Site’s content is not reproduced without the possessor’s previously agreement;
The use of our texts, images, or materials from our web page for other purposes than the noncommercial and the specified ones on the site, without the written agreement of SC Magus SRL, is forbidden, all of them being protected according to the regulation of the Authors’Rights Law.

3. Prices and Rates

The rates posted on the site are the ones for a room per night for 2 adults, including the VAT, but not the consumptions from the mini-bar, these being paid in addition, when checking-out.
If there are supplementary beds needed in the rooms, they will be paid extra, according to the existent rates at the moment of booking.
You may use our online booking system to check our availability or to calculate your stay, and after the completion of the booking, you will instantly get the confirmation via e – mail as well.

Booking by credit card:

This booking is instantly registered and the related amount of the value of the booking for 24 hours or for the entire stay will be blocked from your credit card after the period in which the booking could have been canceled has passed. The booking by credit card is a certified one.

Booking without credit card

The confirmation sent by the online booking system will be considered a pro forma invoice which includes the total value of the requested services. For the guarantee of the booking, you may respect the specified deadlines in the confirmation, regarding the advanced payment. The non-payment of the pro forma invoice automatically cancels the booking.

After the payment is made, please send the proof of it on our e-mail address: welcome@magushotel.ro

BOOKINGS WITHOUT CREDIT CARD made in 48 hours before arriving at the hotel ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

If you book in less than 48 hours before reaching the hotel, you must ensure it with a credit card, otherwise your reservation is not going to be taken into consideration.

The completion of the booking means the acceptance of all the conditions mentioned above!

Pet Policy

The access of pets will be permitted only on the base of the veterinary health certificate, presented at the hotel’s reception. No dogs are allowed without valid rabies vaccination and carrier cage. The pets must be left in the carrier cage, when you are leaving the room. If the guest arrives without carrier cage, we can rent cages at a rate of 100 Lei / night / dog, price which is not dependent of the size of the dog. If you would like to check in with a pet, it is compulsory for you to prior announce it in the moment of the booking otherwise, we cannot guarantee the booking with your pet, taking into account the fact that we cannot accept pets in every hotel room. Only in the case in which, under certain circumstances, you did not inform us in writing that you are booking with a pet, and we do not have adequate rooms for booking with pets, we can assure you the booking of the pet at Gini House dog pension near Baia Mare city possessed by SC Magus SRL at the same rate with the one registered on this page. In this case, the check-in interval at Gini House should be until 19:00 o clock.

The maximum number of pets allowed per room is 2 (if they are medium size or large size dogs) and 3 (if they are small sized, like Shih Tzu, Bichon etc). In case of a number larger then the allowed pets / room, please contact us for further details.

Payment and deposit policy

  • The price of 1 pet/1 night is 50 Lei.

When checking-in with a pet, payment must be made in advance with a credit card. A fee of 100 euro(or 450 Lei ) will be blocked or taken in cash as a guaranty for possible damages caused by the pet in the room. In case of damage the ammount will not be returned. In case of no damage the ammount will be returned at check-out. In case of damages caused, the room supervisor or hotel manager will evaluate the damages and establish the repair costs. In case of damages with repair costs higher than the 100 euro deposit, the guest will have pay the plus difference before checking out (ex. Dog has chewed the desk which needs to be replaced, etc)

Check-in and check-out policy

When checking in with a pet, the front office attendant will show you the room and evaluate it’s condition, write it on the evaluation paper, signed by the guest willing to check-in . The condition of accepting the pet in the room is the tourist’s approval of checking the room before leaving by the hotel’s personnel and in the case of some damages he is obliged to pay for all the caused damages when checking-out. The damages will be evaluated at the check-out by the front office attendant and one of the guests who stayed in the room, by confronting the room’s actual condition with the initial evaluation made at check-in.

The above terms and conditions are not liable to any changes, modifications or negotiations. If these terms are not fulfilled at check-in, or the guest does not agree any of these conditions, the hotel reserves it’s right to refuse / cancel the reservation, even if it is payed, or booked on online booking platform.

We would like to preserve our hotel’s beauty, thank you for understanding our rigurous policy!

Pet Policy  (Download PDF)

The tourist agent:

The tourist agent assumes unilateral and under no cover the promises made to the tourist that they will have adjacent rooms or on the same floor. We cannot confirm until the moment of assignation the position of the rooms. We try to fulfill this request according to the availability.
This reservation is under the terms and conditions from the collaboration contract.

4. Litigation

The rights and the obligations of the users of the site, stipulated in the Terms and Conditions, all the judicial effects produced by the Terms and Conditions, will be interpreted and governed according to the Romanian Law in force. Any litigation coming from or in connection to the Terms and Conditions of this site will be firstly solved on amiable way. In case of the impossibility of reaching an agreement, the litigation will be solved by the competent Romanian Court.

5. Using the personal data


Security – the security measures for the personal data are established as to give an adequate level of protection according to the laws in force;
Information – Informing the people with whose data SC Magus SRL comes in contract, is done by the institution which processes the respective personal data. The policy referring to the data security within SC Magus SRL is displayed on the organization site: www.magushotel.ro and the operator address;
Notification – S.C. Magus SRL notifies in writing The National Authority for Supervising the Processing of Personal Data, referring to the category of data processed;

Confidentiality – The people processing the personal data or who come in contact with such data, have specific responsibilities in the job description sheet, and in the work contract there are stipulated at the confidentiality clause. The authorized person has the obligation to act according to these.
S.C. Magus SRL is registered in the Register of Personal Data Operators under the number ……..
The personal data belonging to the categories of people mentioned above: clients and potential clients of S.C. Magus SRL , consumers and potentials consumers of Magus SRL products, are processed with truthfulness and according to the legal disposition in force.
The personal data are collected only for determined purposes according to the activity of SC Magus SRL , hotel accommodation.
The personal data which are the object of the data processing are adequate, pertinent, and non excessive, reported to the purpose for which are collected.
The personal data which are the object of the data processing shall be accurate and, if necessary updated.
Personal data are not stored for a longer period than required by law.
Personal data shall be processed in accordance with the rights of the concerned person.
Appropriate technical and organizational measures are taken to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access.
Personal data received by Magus SRL cannot be subject of a transfer to third parties. The information recorded and stored is used by the operator and is communicated only to the following recipients, with the consent of the concerned person: the concerned person, the authorized operator, the operator counterparties. The central and public authorities which receive this information, in a special competence inquiry, shall not be considered as recipients and therefore, do not need the consent of the concerned person. (eg. law courts, prosecutors, criminal prosecution authorities etc.)
The concerned person has the right to object at any time, for legitimate and understandable reasons, in order for the data concerning him to be processed, with exceptions provided by the law. Also, the concerned person has the right to object, at any time and free of charge, without any justification, as the data concerning him to be processed for direct marketing purposes, in the name of the Operator or the third party or to be disclosed to third parties. For this reason, the person concerned shall submit a written claim, dated and signed, and the measures taken by the Operator shall be communicated within 15 days from the claim.

6. Security policy for processing personal data

The personal data of each User and/or Buyer are confidential and will be used by SC Magus SRL only for the stated purpose of this site (buying products, information), in compliance with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 regarding the protection of individuals in regard to the processing of personal data and to the free movement of such data. Our company compels not to provide, directly or indirectly, these data to third parties, apart from subjected exceptions required by law.
Users’ personal data are stored in a database, protected with user and password. Also, customer logins on this site are stored encrypted in the database.
Any attempt to access the personal data of the users of the site constitutes an infraction and is punishable as such.

7. A model of the information relating the protection of personal data

In compliance with the Law nr. 677/2001 for the protection of personal data relating to their processing and free circulation, amended and completed, and the Law nr. 506/2004 concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of the customers’ privacy in the electronic communications sector, S.C. Magus SRL has the obligation to manage the personal data that you provide us safely and only for specific purposes. The purpose of the accumulation of data concerns ads, marketing and advertisements.
At the same time, you have the right to oppose to the processing and using of personal data for the purpose of notifying certain promotional actions that SC Magus SRL periodically sends to their customers. For the exercise of these rights, you may submit a written request, sent through e-mail to: welcome@magushotel.ro

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